TTH Yellow Family January 29 - February 7


Hello Yellow Family,

 We made it through the some rain.    The parish hall was set up and everyone really enjoyed the gymnastics.   

After introducing the unit blocks to the class they started building.  I was amazed at what they were building.  Can’t wait to see what they build when they have more time to explore.

 The class is currently working on recognizing their name.  Our circle spots with their names on are used several times during the day giving them a lot of opportunities to find their name.   After saying good-bye at the gate in the morning they will go find their name and place it on the family board to check themselves in for the day.

We have been playing a shape game during family time.  They roll the dice and then say what color and shape they got.  This has been fun for everyone.

For the up-coming Read-o Burrito night each class will be making salsa in the classroom.  Our class is also been assigned to bringing Mexican Style Rice for the evening.   It’s a fun evening for everyone.  The children and parents can wear their pajamas and are welcome to bring a blanket or sleeping bag.  We start eating at 5:30 and from 6:00-6:30 books and popcorn.  There will be different areas set up for “Special Readers” (parents) to read two to three books.  The scholastic book fair will also be open that night.

Miss Ann and Miss Mika




Sandy French