TTH Yellow Family February 12-21

 Yellow Family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Austin and Ford who turned 3 on Feb. 4. 

THANK YOU Amy Taylor for being this month’s room parent.

We will be starting our day outside this month.  If has been very cold in the mornings so layers are great.  After using the bathroom and washing hands please come to the patio on Tuesdays and lower sand playground on Thursdays.

We have been working very hard on our self-help skills.  These skills help with their large and small motor, they gain self confidence in their ability for trying new things and builds their self esteem and independence.  We are currently working on using the bathroom, washing hands, putting the toys and tools away, cleaning up their area after snack including throwing trash away and packing up their lunch all by themselves.  Having the children do things they are able to do by themselves at home is a great idea as well.  Integrate these newly learned skills into your home routines.  

For Valentine’s Day our class will not be doing a valentine exchange. We will be making a Friendship Pizza together for snack bring a lunch.   Everyone will bring in a small snack sized bag of cheese for the pizza.  They really enjoy cooking together.  They were all so excited to taste the salsa we made and everyone wanted more.

Sweetheart lunch is Feb. 28th at 12:00.  Dad’s bring a lunch and join their child to eat.  Our class will be eating in the preschool room.  The children will be making a special gift and card for you to take home.   


SCIENCE:  Simple tools, screwdriver, sanding

TECHNOLOGY:   listening center

ENGINEERING:  big bugs, cats and dogs

MATH:  egg pegs, magnetic dress up, puzzles, colored dogs and blocks, collections boxes

LITERATURE: Kai to the Rescue by Audrey Penn; Duck & Goose  by Tad Hills; The Three Little Superpigs  by Claire Evans; The Line up Book by Marisabina Russo;  Calico’s Curious Kittes; by Phullis Limbache-Tildes

SENSORY TABLES:  Three little pigs, Jurassic sand and tools, Pirate ship and people, dough, 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Jurassic sand with treasure hunt and eggs, Dino swamp with bones, sand with funnel stand, Three little kittens, cocoa shells and doves and tins with lids, Bear hunt,  small legos

ART:  free art, lazy Susan with markers and crayons, TP heart tubes make mural, collage,  Valentine art

DRAMATIC PLAY:  Veterinary clinic

SNACK LESSON:  slicing pears and friendship pizza

SONGS:  Head and Shoulders, Ram Sam Sam, I like Bananas, Baby Shark

Miss Ann and Miss Mika





Sandy French