TTH Yellow Family March 5 - 14

 Yellow Family,

Thank you to Lauren and Christopher Biancucci-Isobe for being this months room parents.

Thank you for being a part of the preschool Fun!raiser – Thank you brunch Thursday March 14


All School Chapel is March 7th at 9:00.

Spring Picture Day is March 14th.

Spring Celebration is March 21st at 12:00.  The children will be singing a couple of songs for the parents followed by some fruit and spring cookies.

We will be starting our day inside for the month of March so after using the bathroom and washing hands please come to the preschool  room gate.  

We had a  fun time making our friendship pizza for Valentines Day.  It was very cheesy and everyone wanted another slice.  

It was so fun to see everyone with their dad’s at the Sweetheart Lunch.  Everyone was so excited to have their dad at school.    

During family time I have been introducing shapes and colors.  This month we will be playing several games that encourages shape and color recognition.  We will be playing the dice game, donut shop, pass the present to see what is inside and using a fly swatter to swat the right shape or color.


ART:  car track painting, throwing paint on paper,  tube art with marbles, baby pool art

DRAMATIC PLAY: pizza shop in play dough area, construction hats and tools outside

SCIENE: Sanding blue table outside

SENSORY: coco shells with bugs and branches, water with turtles and frogs, fishing,  dirt with gardening tools, water with marble maze,  pipe builders,  dirt with monster trucks, kinetic sand with house molds and shells, tide pool,  water and tea set,  large ocean animals, Lincoln logs, polymers with test tubes

ENGINEERING: blocks, legos and duplos, horses, cats and dogs, magna tiles

TECHNOLOGY:  light table

MATH: number pegs, car parking game, dinosaur color matching, puzzle matching, giant uno cards, puzzles

LITERATURE: The Crayon Book of Colors by Drew Daywalt; Drip Drop by Sharon Gordan; The Napping House by Audrey Wood; Jump, Frog, Jump  by Robert Kalan; Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson;  Penguins Love Color by Sarah Aspinall

SNACK LESSON: mashing potatoes, peeling eggs

Miss Ann and Miss Mika

Sandy French