Blue Family Ocotber 22 - November 2


Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of October 22nd-November 2nd

Happy 4th Birthday Nora on 10/29


Mark Your Calendar!

Thursday, October 25th--Parent Gathering with guest speaker after drop-off

Thursday, November 8th--All School Chapel,9:00 in sanctuary. Food Bank donations

Monday, November 12th--NO SCHOOL, Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 14th--Harvest Celebration 12:00

November 19th-23rd--Thanksgiving Break


WE WANT 4 X 6 PHOTOS OF YOUR CHILD IN THEIR HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO DISPLAY IN THE CLASSROOM!  The children love looking at the pictures. We put them up by the playdough table. They look at the costumes and try to guess which friend it is. Since we do not wear costumes at school, this is a fun way to share our Halloween experiences. I will collect your photos from you at drop-off or pick-up for the next few weeks.


We will be starting our day INSIDE the preschool classroom for the last 2 weeks of October then starting Monday, November 5th we will be OUTSIDE again. Please remember to dress in LAYERS! It is often cold in the morning and very warm in the afternoon.


BLUE FAMILY PARENTS ROCK!: Thank you for the beautiful flowers and yummy treats for my birthday.  I could definitely feel the love from the Blue Family. Thank you Brandi & Kip for donating The Family Book to the preschool.  Thank you to Peyton’s mom, Diana for making playdough for the class. Thank you for bringing a pumpkin for our pumpkin patch.  Thank you for supporting the preschool with the Mixed Bag Fundraiser. We do not have the final totals in yet but judging by the number of envelopes turned in, I can say it will definitely be successful.


EXTRA CLOTHESPlease make sure your child has extra clothes in the bottom of their cubby. They need to be appropriate for the season and need to include: shirt, pants, underwear, socks and shoes.  When your child uses them please remember to replace the extra clothes.  We play in the “mud kitchen” or in the water in the sandbox and often need to change clothes. Thanks for your help!


ARTWORK:  The class drew pictures and the teacher took dictation regarding The Farm field trip. You can find the papers above the snack area in the classroom. The children painted a small pumpkin that is on the bulletin board in the hallway above the cubbies.  Please remember to check your child’s cubby for artwork each day. The teachers also keep artwork at school to give you in a portfolio at the end of the school year. We started using SCISSORS last week. Some children knew how to use them but most need practice.  Having a arts/crafts table or area in your home for the children to create is a great way to build up their fine motor skills.  In our art center they use staplers, crayons, scissors, stickers, stamps, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc.


FALL ACTIVITIES: We washed apples and read a big book about how apples grow. We also counted with the book Ten Red Apples and read Apple Pie Tree. We made applesauce in small groups. Over the next 2 weeks we will be scrubbing carrots then shucking corn.  Outside we have been moving the pumpkins all around the playground. We have also been watering our garden box and noticed some green peeking out! We will be making fall leaves and decorating our masks for our mask parade. It is such a fun time of year.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa




Sandy French