Blue Family October 8-19


Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of October 8th-19th

Happy Birthday to Maddie! She will be 4 on October 9th.

Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, October 12th--Mixed Bag Fundraiser sheet due

Wednesday, October 17th--School Picture day-more info. coming soon

Thursday, October 25th--Parent Gathering with guest speaker after drop-off


We will be starting our day INSIDE the preschool classroom for the month of October



●      For coming to All School Chapel. It was so fun seeing pets in church!

●      For accompanying your child to The Farm in Spreckels for our field trip. What a fun day!

●      If you brought a pumpkin(s) to school. If you have not brought one in yet, we would really appreciate it if you could bring one pumpkin that a child can carry for our pumpkin stand on the patio.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser--Thank you to those that have already turned in your forms. There is still time to buy gifts or show your friends and families. Forms are due October 12th

 The Blue Family has been working on Social/Emotional Development and Conflict Resolution.  Hopefully while interacting with their siblings or friends you have heard the phrase, “I’m using it!” or “You can have it when I’m done.” This is something we will be working on all year long.   In SCIENCE, we have been exploring sunflowers and seeds. We prepared our garden box and planted some sunflower seeds in our garden box. If you have anything to donate for our garden box please let us know.

Illness:  A few of our friends in the Blue Family have been sick. When your child is sick, please email Miss Jennifer to let us know. If you call the school, we may not get the message until much later.  We like to pray for them as a class. Just a reminder your child can return to school 24 hours after a fever or vomiting. We sanitize the classroom and wash hands often to cut back on germs.

Halloween: We celebrate Halloween with a “mask parade.” The children decorate a paper plate mask then we march around the school then have a special snack. We do not have the children wear their costumes or bring candy to school but we would love to put a PHOTO of them in their costume on our bulletin board

For the next two weeks, we will have 

Science:  We will be exploring apples and pumpkins.

Dramatic Play: We will have a paint kit on the patio then a pumpkin stan 

Sensory:  We will have spaghetti & meatballs (yarn and brown pom-poms), mini jack o’lanterns and water, sand in the funnel stand, water in a turtle pond. Then, black beans with mini jack o’lanterns, spiders in the sand, mice and shaving cream, eyeball soup with bowls and ladles

Art:  Free art cabinet with watercolors, staplers, stickers, glue sticks, glue pots, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc. We will be decorating our masks for the Mask Parade

 Blocks:  Potato Heads then horses in addition to the block cabinet

 Math:  Hook board with key chains, collection color boxes, Pumpkin games, puzzles, abacus, colored pegs with board

Snack Lesson:Washing fruit then making applesauce

Literature:  “Knuffle Bunny;” “Jamberry;” “There was an Old lady who swallowed some leaves;” “Ten Red Apples;” “The Apple Pie Tree;” “Frank was  a monster who wanted to dance;” “Big Pumpkin;” “The Little Yellow Leaf;” “In a Nutshell;” “My Monster Mama”

Music:  “Pumpkin on the Vine;” “I’m a Nut;” “Way up high in the apple tree;” “5 Little Pumpkins”

Happy Fall! Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa




Sandy French