Blue Family November 5-16


Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of November 5th-16th

Happy 4th Birthday James on November 3rd


Mark Your Calendar!

Thursday, November 8th--All School Chapel,9:00 in sanctuary. Come to chapel and bring Food Bank donations.

Monday, November 12th--NO SCHOOL, Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 14th--Harvest Celebration 12:00

November 19th-23rd--Thanksgiving Break


PLEASE BRING A 4 X 6 PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD IN THEIR HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO DISPLAY IN THE CLASSROOM!  WE ONLY HAVE ONE CURRENTLY DISPLAYED. The children love looking at the pictures. We put them up by the playdough table. They look at the costumes and try to guess which friend it is. Since we do not wear costumes at school, this is a fun way to share our Halloween experiences.


We will be starting our day OUTSIDE  for the month of November. We will meet on the PATIO Monday-Wednesday and down in the SANDBOX Thursday and Friday. Please remember to dress in LAYERS! It is often cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. If it is raining, we will begin our day in the Parish Hall. Please be aware that if it is damp but not raining, we will still go outside. You can leave rainboots in your child’s cubby if you like or bring them on wet days.


HARVEST CELEBRATION:  On Wednesday, November 14th we will have a Harvest Celebration at 12:00. Parents are encouraged to come and celebrate the season with their children.  It will be on the patio.  The children will do the “Turkey Trot” with the Yellow Family out to the patio then sit and have lunch at the picnic tables.  The parents and teachers serve the food. Lunch will be all the foods that come from seeds that we have been learning about and having for snack.  Your child will not have to pack a lunch that day. However if they stay in the afternoon, they will need snacks.  After the children have eaten, there will be some fun activities set-up for them outside.  If your child will have a sibling present, please let us know so we can plan for the amount of food.  Unfortunately we do not have enough craft supplies for the siblings.  THERE WILL BE A SIGN-UP SHEET ON THE TABLE FOR FOOD AND FOR VOLUNTEERS. We look forward to seeing you there.

Our class has been enjoying the Fall season. We cut open a pumpkin then took out the seeds and pulp. The children all estimated how many seeds were in the pumpkin.  THANK YOU to Maddie’s Mom, Melanie for bringing us pumpkin seeds. The children loved them. We compared yellow and red apples to see which one we liked the best. We shucked corn. We made Jack’O Lanterns and fall leaves and fall trees. We had a mask parade then enjoyed a special snack.  In Family time, we started using our name tags.  One group is fruits and the other is vegetables.  We also working on name recognition by having their names on their spots for music, chapel and story time.




ART:  Fall Cookie Cutter stamping on a mural and painting with turkey feathers on the easel.We will also introduce hole punches to add to the free art cabinet and make our headbands for the harvest celebration

DRAMATIC PLAY:  We will have capes outside for the children to wear

SCIENCE: We will continue with seed exploration and take care of our garden box

SENSORY:  We will have pumpkin boats in water with small people, nuts and toilet tubes, cornstarch and water for “gak,” cornmeal and sifters, mortar and pestles and tortilla presses in the playdough then we will have turkey basters in water and corn seed for pouring

BLOCKS: We will introduce the big blocks and have small pumpkins in the block area

MATH:  We will introduce “geo boards”--squares with nails in them for making shapes with rubber bands; we will have puzzles, magnetic trucks and shapes, a turkey color matching game and nut counting game

LITERATURE:  “Ruby the Copycat;” “In a Nutshell;” “Leaves;” “The Carrot Seed;” “Bear Says Thanks;” “The Tiny Seed;” “Run Turkey Run;” “Thanksgiving for Emily Ann;” “Thankful”

MUSIC:”Turkey Feathers;” “Way up high in the apple tree;”



Happy November!


Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa




Sandy French