Blue Family September 25 -October 5

WELCOME to the Blue Family Maddie Grunde and her parents, Bo & Melanie

 Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of September 24th-October 5th 

DONATIONS NEEDED: We would like to have a small pumpkin patch on the patio! The children can build their large muscles and get their energy out lifting pumpkins and moving them around in the wheelbarrows. Can you please bring one small/medium pumpkin to school? It needs to be a size the children can lift. We are also looking for a few straw bales. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! 

Mark Your Calendar!

Monday, September 24th

Mixed Bag Fundraiser begins!

Wednesday, October 3rd 9-9:15

All School Chapel--Blessing of the Animals

Monday October 8th--FIELD TRIP TO THE FARM in Spreckels

Wednesday, October 17th--School Picture day-more info. coming soon


We will be starting our day INSIDE the preschool classroom for the month of October

THANK YOU to Kip’s Mom, Brandi for making playdough for the class. Thank you to all the parents that were able to come to the Parent Meeting. We are so blessed to have the support of so many wonderful families.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser--You should have received a catalog for our Mixed Bag Fundraiser in your sign-in book. If your child is in Afterschool Enrichment look for the information in their backpack.  These are good quality bags and items. Perfect for gifts for the holiday season.

FIELD TRIP--Our first field trip is coming up on MONDAY, OCTOBER 8th. We are going to THE FARM in Spreckels at 9:30. The cost is $8.00 per child.  There will be a tour of the farm, a hay ride and your child gets to bring a pumpkin home.  IF YOUR SON/DAUGHTER IS 3 YEARS OLD, THEY MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR TRUSTED ADULT! Four year olds can sign-up to carpool with other parents if needed. There will be a sign-up sheet on the sign-in table. After the field trip, we will return to school for lunch and afternoon enrichment. You are welcome to meet us at the Farm if it is more convenient and if you would like to take your child home afterwards, just tell a teacher.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. It will be a fun day!

BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS--Our first All School Chapel is on Wednesday, October 3rd in the Church sanctuary at 9:00. It is the Blessing of the Animals. Your child can bring their pet, a picture of their pet or a stuffed animal to be blessed by Pastor Linda and Chaplain Angela. We encourage the parents to come with their child to All School Chapel. It is once a month. The dates are on the school calendar for the entire school year. Typically it is very brief--5-10 minutes. However, the Blessing of the Animals takes a bit longer with the dogs, cats, fish, chickens and horses to bless! Hope to see you there. Afterwards, we will go inside to the preschool classroom.

The children really enjoyed Music time with Miss Tina and Chapel with Chaplain Angela. Music is every Monday and Chapel is every Wednesday.  For Science, we examined some sunflower heads and used our fine motor skills to pick off some of the seeds. We read a simple science book about how sunflowers grow. Then we made a sunflower. They are hanging above the cubbies in the hallway. We also read a nice story that had both English and Spanish words printed about a little girl that helped her grandfather and neighbors grow sunflowers.

Hopefully you have seen some of your children’s artwork? If not, please check the top part of their cubbies. The children are excited about getting a new friend in the Blue Family. They are teaching Maddie our songs and showing her around. Now, they are all fighting over who gets to sit next to her! I hope you have been hearing your children sing some of our preschool songs. If you would like to know any of the lyrics, please let me know. This class really enjoys singing!

Have a blessed week. We are looking forward to all the fun fall activities with you and your family.

Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa




Sandy French