Blue Family September 10-21

Welcome to the Blue Family!

Mark Your Calendar!

Thursday September 20th or Friday September 21st -  Parent Gathering at 9:00 after drop-off

Monday, September 24th -  Mixed Bag Fundraiser begins!

Wednesday, October 3rd 9-9:15 -All School Chapel--Blessing of the Animals

 We begin our day OUTSIDE for the month of September. Please drop-off your child at the PATIO gate Monday-Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday, please drop-off your child at the SAND playground.

We had a FANTASTIC first two weeks of school. One of the benefits of coming to preschool for all 5 days is we get the routine down quickly! We are breaking up into small groups at snack and family time.  Friendships are being made and we have been singing a TON of songs. Have you heard any of the songs yet? The children made a watercolor painting and we read a book called, “My Preschool” and took dictation about our favorite part of preschool. We will ask the children again at the end of the year to see if their answers are the same.  Both the paintings and dictation are on display in the classroom.

Next week we will start our MUSIC time with Miss Tina on Monday. We will have music each week on Monday. We will also start “Godly Play”  in CHAPEL time with Chaplain Angela on Wednesday. We will have Chapel each week on Wednesday. Every Thursday, we have a snack lesson. So far we have practiced passing the napkin basket to our friends and opening up the napkin to four squares.

In Science, we have been getting to know our classroom pets. We have talked about the goldfish and turtle. Next week we will learn about the hermit crabs.  Unfortunately our bearded dragon, Diamond passed away. She had a long happy life at our school and will be missed. We will also begin an “All About Me” unit where we will talk about our family and share our family photos.

COMMUNICATION:  Many of the children in our class are enrolled in before and/or after school enrichment.  Therefore, I may not get a chance to speak to you in person.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child, if your child is ill, if your child will be getting picked up early or if  you are going on vacation--anything I need to know about your child, please email me:

It is a school policy that we do NOT talk about the children in front of the children. If you ask me how their day was or have a specific question or concern, I will tell you to please send me an email. When the children are getting picked up or dropped off, it should be about spending time with them and taking care of their needs.


  • If you have NOT turned in your disaster pack or family photos, please do so as soon as possibl
  • If your child is in pull-ups, please make sure we have a pack of pull-ups at school
  • Please dress your child in layers--including a jacket. It is chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon
  • Please be considerate and go to the outside gates instead of walking through the classroom while the Yellow Family is there

 Activities in the classroom for the next two weeks:

 Literature: “Silly Sally”;

Science: We will finish learning about the classroom pets then begin talking about our family.

Blocks: We have trains and tracks and the block shelf is open for building.  We will continue to practice matching the shape of the blocks when putting on the shelf

Art: Outside: We will make a mural with fly swatters and paint then utensils and paint

Inside: We will have free art supplies for the class to create and build their fine motor skills. This includes watercolors, markers, crayons, stickers and colored pencils

Dramatic play:  We will have explore the dress-up center and practice getting our socks and shoes on and hanging up our clothes

Sensory tables: Inside:  We will have a fish pond and treasure in the kinetic sand then a frog pond and dinosaurs in the floam

Outside:  We will have Bob the Builder trucks and workers in wood pellets and a “lemonade” table (yellow colored water) for pouring then we will have an “orange juice” table (orange colored water) for pouring

Math: In our Math cabinet we will have:  puzzles, regulation putty, texture cards, bears in colored blocks, magnetic dress the boy puzzle, hills with tiny animals, Memory matching game and large farm floor puzzle

Music: “Johnny Hammers with one hammer,” “Where is Thumbkin?’, “2 Little Blackbirds,” “Ram Sam Sam,” “Race Car,” “Who is sitting next to you?” “Willoughby Wallaby,” “Goodbye song”

Snack Lesson: We will continue practicing pouring water then finding the center of the napkin

THANK YOU for reading the BLUE FAMILY NEWSLETTER! It is the best way to find out what your child is doing at school. We are so glad that you are a part of the Blue Family.

Have a wonderful week!!

Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa

Sandy French