Blue Family January 14-25

Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of January 14th-25th



Mark Your Calendar!

1/17                Fun!Raiser gathering after drop off in parish hall 9:15

1/21                NO SCHOOL-MLK Jr. Day

1/28-2/1          Scholastic Book Fair        

1/30                Reado-Burrito Night 5:30-7:00

2/18                NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day


3/1                   Sweetheart Lunch for DADS (or special guest)


The Blue Family will be meeting OUTSIDE for the month of December. On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we will start our day on the PATIO. Please drop off at the patio gate. On Thursdays and Fridays we will start our day in the SAND playground. Please drop off your child at the sand gate. If it rains we will meet in the Parish hall.


A few reminders:


●      bring a jacket each day

●     make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubby that are weather appropriate and that still fit them

●      give your child a hearty breakfast before school

●      Have your child use the bathroom before starting their day especially if we are outside

●     If your child wears rain boots to school, please make sure they have sneakers to change into as well. I have noticed more “ouchies” when the children run in boots


Thank You!


Welcome back Blue Family! During our small group time, we start by singing a “Hello” song and asking “How are you?” Several children answered: “Happy because I’m at school!” Isn’t that a fantastic way to start off the year! We have been tracing our name each morning before we pick a spot to play.  For those children that are ready, we will have them start working on writing their first name.  We have been learning some new songs. It is such a fun way to strengthen our language development.


Science, we started a unit on “Sink or Float” where we experiment to see which items will sink in water and which will float.  We have also started our Kindness campaign!


We have been working on being kind to our friends all school year and to reinforce this behavior, we are spending time at the end of each day talking about a few of the kind things that Miss Alexa and I observed throughout the day.  We will write them on post-it notes and then put them up in the classroom.


You might notice a different format in our activity section. We want to make sure that how much we do during our “play” at school:




STEAM = Science, technology, Engineering, Art, Math


SCIENCE:     Sink & float experimentation in the sensory table


TECHNOLOGY: How do tools in our classroom work? Tape dispensers, staplers, etc. Coming soon: Take-apart station--taking donations--see flyer on the sign-in table


ENGINEERING: Building with Solo Cups then adding cardboard and Popsicle sticks


ART:  Easels for painting and drawing on the patio and in the sand; Group project--gluing applesauce caps on a giant heart for our Kindness board; Painting with watercolors on a big paper on the fence; free art center--utilizing all the art materials on the shelf


MATH: In our math areas: 4-34 piece puzzles; 1 to 1 correspondence game; numbered tins with sticks, story sequencing cards, beads for stringing, collection boxes for sorting; Also, at family time, story time and transition times we count our friends then discuss how many boys and girls there are, who is missing, which number is less and which is more, etc.


DRAMATIC PLAY: We have a bake shop in the playdough area, next we will have a veterinarian center


SENSORY:  sink and float, feed the squirrels, washing table, snow with penguins; then farm animals in mud and polar bears in the snow


LITERATURE:  “The Enormous Potato;” “Sitting Down to Eat;” “Are Pirates Polite?;” “Alice the Fairy;” “The Pout-Pout Fish;” “Rollercoaster;” “White Rabbit's Color Book;” “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site;” “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt;” “Little Blue Truck”


MUSIC: “5 Green & Speckled Frogs;” “We are the Dinosaurs;” “Down by the Bay”


SNACK LESSON:  Breaking broccoli from the stem then spreading jelly on rice cakes




Have a blessed week!      Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa

Sandy French