Blue Family January 28 - February 8

Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of January 28th-February 8th



Mark Your Calendar!

1/28-2/1          Scholastic Book Fair        

1/30                Reado-Burrito Night 5:30-7:00

2/13                All School Chapel 9:00 in the sanctuary

2/18                NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day


3/1                   Sweetheart Lunch for DADS (or special guest)


The Blue Family will be meeting OUTSIDE this week. On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we will start our day on the PATIO. Please drop off at the patio gate. On Thursdays and Fridays, we will start our day in the SAND playground. Please drop off your child at the sand gate. If it rains, we will meet in the Parish hall. For the month of February, we will be starting the day in the preschool classroom


In Math, we have been working on shapes and colors by playing color/shape bingo and using a dice with colored shapes. For Literature, we started using journals.  The children draw pictures then dictate a story.  In the hallway posted above the cubbies are the class’ dictation about the dentist that visited our school.  As part of our STEM focus, the children have been building with red solo cups, cardboard and Popsicle sticks in addition to the block shelf. You may have heard about “playing games” with Miss Jennifer. I have been doing assessments to gather basic information to include in the parent-teacher conference reports. We pull the children from play one at a time to play games such as counting goldfish crackers and making patterns with colored teddy bears. We have also learned some new games such as “Doggie, doggie where’s your bone?” & “Copycat.”  Games are a fabulous opportunity to work on taking turns, focusing, raising our hands and following directions.


Book Fair The book fair starts on Monday, January 28th-Friday, February 1st.  It will be in the church library directly across from Miss Sandy’s office.  The book fair will also be open on Reado-Burrito night. The school receives a 50% profit from the sales to be used as Scholastic Dollars. In addition to books, we can also purchase manipulatives, science kits and many other items for our classroom. You may also order online. There is a list of books that Miss Alexa and I have chosen in the church library.


“Hey Burrito!” Have you heard that song yet? We are still working on repeating the lyrics back and forth.  We hope to see you at the church site THIS WEDNESDAY, January 30th from 5:30-6:30 for a night of fun with all preschool families. The children will be making salsa in class. Please arrive on time because the children eat quickly, then we will listen to some stories, have some popcorn and head home. The children (and adults) may wear their pajamas if they want to. If you are wondering what to bring:  The Blue family is signed up for:   Last name starts with A - K, please bring grated cheese.  Last name starts with M-S please bring guacamole. Sandy will be setting up the food table on Wednesday.  She will be using large bowls to combine all the cheese. You may bring yours in a zip-locked bag. Thank you!


COMING SOON the first full week of February we will have the Parent-Teacher conference times posted on the front of the sign-in book.  Thank you to those that have let me know in advance what time works best for your family or that you will be out of town.  If you cannot make it at your appointed time, please switch with another parent and make note of it on the conference form.  If you have any questions contact me by email or refer to the Director newsletter.


It’s going to be a fun week!

Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa









Sandy French