Blue Family February 11-22

Blue Family Newsletter

Weeks of February 11th-22nd

Mark Your Calendar!

2/13                All School Chapel 9:00 in the sanctuary

2/14                Valentine exchange and pizza

2/15                Fun!Raiser  meeting after drop-off

2/18                NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day


3/1                   Sweetheart Lunch for DADS (or special guest)

3/2                   Boots & Bling Fun!raiser


The Blue Family will be meeting INSIDE the preschool classroom for the month of February.


THANK YOU:  for all the wonderful books that were donated to the school and for all the purchases you made. We exceeded our goal! We are so fortunate to have such supportive families at our preschool.


February is a busy month! We have ALL SCHOOL CHAPEL on Wednesday, February 13th. We will be exchanging VALENTINES on Thursday, February 14th and having friendship pizza for snack. This is Friendship Pizza , so please have them bring a ziploc bag of shredded cheese for the pizza. They will put it on themselves.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES are on Friday, February 22nd.  If you are unable to come or need a different time, please let me know immediately. Also, please be punctual.  Each conference is only 20 minutes in length, so if we have someone arrive late, we may not have time to talk to you as much as we would like and it will throw the schedule off for the whole day.


Science:   During small group time, we went on a nature walk one of the few days that it was not raining.  We made some very interesting observations.  One child noticed the creek was really full and going fast. Another child noticed that many of the branches lost their leaves. Another child noticed the sand had “sprinkles” in it from the rain.


Technology:  We introduced simple machines.  We read a book titled, “What is a screwdriver?” then each child put on safety goggles and used a real screwdriver to put real screws in a piece of wood.  This is a great way to build fine motor skills. Next, we will use sanders on the blue table outside.


Engineering:  We introduced BIG blocks in the block area for the children to build with in addition to the block shelf.  There are not as many of these big blocks so the children have to work together to make something instead of their individual structures.


Art:  In the classroom, you will find the pictures the children made from different shapes.  They used their imagination and came up with unique ideas. On the bulletin board above the cubbies, you will find hearts the children made.  We will be using a lazy susan with crayons and making placemats for the Sweetheart lunch. In the free art cabinet we have folded paper with half a heart for the children to work on following a line when cutting.


Math:  We have been working on puzzles from 4-16 pieces as well as working together on giant floor puzzles.  The children really enjoy playing color/shape bingo.  Next, we will play animal bingo then begin other board games, such as “Chutes and Ladders.” At lunch we started a rule that you cannot leave the table until 5 children have packed up their lunch box. The children will tell me:  “We need 4 more!” “We need 2 more!” until we get to 5.  We have also been working on AB patterns


Music:  “Skiddamarink,” “5 Green and Speckled frogs,” “Hey Burrito,” “Baby shark,” “Mail myself to you,” “He’s Got the Whole World”


Literature:  “Crankenstein Valentine,” “Big Shark’s Valentine Surprise,” “A Letter to Amy,” “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch,” “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a rose,” “I Need a Hug,” “No Roses for Harry,” “The Pig in the Wig,” “The Pout-Pout Fish and the Can’t Sleep Blues,” “Red: A Crayon’s Story,” “Little Excavator,” “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” 

Every Friday is journal day.  Each child has a journal that they decorated. They draw pictures then we take dictation.


Dramatic Play:  Veterinarian office


Sensory:  Billy Goats Gruff & Three Little Kittens Story, Jurassic sand treasure hunt with eggs then cocoa shells with white doves; Dinosaur swamp, sand with funnel stands


Coming Soon:  On Mondays when we pick jobs, we will also be assigned lunch buddies for the week.  They will sit together at lunch as well as play games together during family time. This is a great opportunity for social and emotional growth.  Also, once the weather cooperates, we will combine with the Yellow Family class one day a week and play with some other friends.




Miss Jennifer & Miss Alexa

Sandy French