Purple Family TTH September 25 - October 4

T-TH Purple Family Newsletter

 Sept. 25-October 4

Important Dates:

·       September 24- Mixed Bag Fund Raiser

·       October 4- All School Chapel

·       October 18- Picture Day

·       October 25- Parent Gathering 9:00

·       November 1- Picture Make up Day

·       November 8- All school Chapel Food bank Donation

·       November 15- Harvest Festival 12:30 at the Grange

·       November 19-23- Thanksgiving Holiday

·       November 27- Touch Base Report for Parents

What's Going On In Class:

Over the past two weeks the children have been introduced to markers, color crayons, rainbow color crayons, water colors, wood blocks, necklaces in dress up, and both sides of the playground. We will continue to introduce new items in all the areas at school.

Starting October 2 we will begin our day outside. Please make sure you bring your child outside if there is not a teacher inside to greet them. Remember to bring a jacket for the cooler mornings.

All school chapel this month is the blessing of the animals. You can bring your pet, a picture of your pet or a stuffed animal to be blessed by Pastor Linda.

During snack and lunch time we talk about healthy foods to keep are bodies strong. We encourage the children to choose a protein from their lunches to start with. We talk to them about how proteins give us good energy and keep us full and snack foods and desserts are ok after you have a protein.

At school we like to teach self help skills. Some of the children are having a hard time opening their lunch boxes. We encourage them to open it on their own, but are always there to help if needed. Please practice at home with your child so they can be successful at opening their lunch box.

For The Next Two Weeks:

·       Art in- introduce colored pencils and color an apple, color mixing red and yellow to paint a pumpkin, introduce hole punches and punch holes in strips of paper

·       Art Out/Table- apple prints, shaving cream marble art

·       Art Out/Easels- paint an apple and a pumpkin

·        Dramatic Play-introduce spice jars and shoes

·       Science- looking at apples, apple tasting, making apple sauce, dehydrating apples, apple jar experiment

·       Sensory Table Out-lemons and squeezers, farm animals and farm. water wheels and apple pie dough

·       Sensory Table In- black bean with apples and pails, color people and houses sorting

·       Blocks- free build

·       Math- Puzzles, lid matching, beads, bristle blocks

·       Outside Classroom- farmers market

·       Play dough- loaf pans, cupcake pans

·       Snack- count the four squares of the napkin.

Have a great day!

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


Sandy French