TTH Purple Family January 29-February 7

T-TH Purple Family Newsletter

 January 22-February 8

Important Dates:

·                    Jan. 28- Feb. 1- Scholastic Book Fair

·                    Jan. 30 Wednesday- Read O Burrito Night 5:30-6:30

·                    Feb. 14 Thursday- All School Chapel "Love"

·                    Feb. 15 Friday- Parent Meeting 9:15

·                    Feb 28 Thursday- Sweetheart Lunch for Dads 12:00


What's Going On In Class:

On Tuesday February 5, we will be starting our day outside. Please send your child with a jacket.


Last week we introduced puzzles with many pieces in the manipulative shelf. There are 6 piece puzzles, 40 piece puzzles and in between puzzles. We will practice puzzles daily. We also have introduced the take apart items we will be taking apart in a few weeks. The children have had the opportunity to explore a key board and a monitor. We will be adding more items for the next few weeks. During family we have worked on counting, shapes and colors. We will continue to work on these skills with games and songs.

Through out the day we have many opportunities to work on social skills. We are working on waiting our turn, which happens a lot at school. We remind the children that it is hard to wait, but everyone will get a turn. We also tell them that if someone is using something that they want they have to wait until the other person is done using it.

January 30 is Read O Burrito Night at the church site.  The children come in their pajamas, have a burrito and then get to listen to a story with popcorn to munch on! We will be making salsa for that evening in class to share with all the families. The Scholastic Book Fair will also be open during this time for you to purchase some great books.


For The Next Two Weeks:

·                    Art Out/Table-  straw and bead pattern necklace, shape stamps

·                    Art Out/Easels- paint a diamond and a heart shape

·                    Art in- Journals,  free art, bead necklaces

·                     Dramatic Play- shopping bags, cash registers and money

·                    Science- exploring a typewriter and a sewing machine

·                    Sensory Table Out- animals water and shower cups, sand with loose parts, sand wit

            stumps, pinecones and animals, alligator swamp

·                    Sensory Table In- cutting straws, sand scoops and peg board

·                    Engineering- screw boards, small dinosaurs in the block area

·                    Math-counting how many friends are here, how many friends are missing

·                    Literature-  Zoo phonics sound and signal

·                    Technology- office/writing center

·                    Outside Classroom- building with boxes

·                    Play dough- glass beads, acorns

·                    Snack- spreading cream cheese on a bagel


Have a Great Week,   Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy

Sandy French