MWF Purple Family October 26-November 2

MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 October 22- November 2

Important Dates:


·        October 24 First Library Day

·        October 25- Parent Gathering – with guest 9:00

·        November 1- Picture make up Day

·        November 7- All School Chapel Food Bank Donation

·        November 12- Veteran's Day Holiday

·        November 14- Harvest Festival 12:30 at Grange

·        November 19-23-Thanksgiving Holiday

·        November 26- Touch Base Report for Parents


What's Going On In Class:


 The children have been introduced to tape and staplers in the art area. In dress up we have added purses. In blocks we have pictures of the children taped to square blocks. They enjoy using them in their buildings. We also have monster trucks to build ramps for.


We made and apple pie. We got to use the peeler, slicer and corer tool. We mixed the apples with cinnamon and sugar and put them into a pie crust. Then we whisked an egg to brush over the crust. So delicious! A big thank you to Michele, Emmett's Mom, for making the pie crust's for us.


During family we have started to work on recognizing our names. We will start off with a picture of each child on their own name tag. As time goes by the picture will come off to make it more challenging. After we have practiced for awhile, the name tags will be on the blue table. When the children come in the morning they will find their name and put it in the metal bucket.


During snack time we have tried new foods. We tried apple pears from Michael's tree and figs. Both were well liked by most of the children.


If you can donate pumpkins or know of someone who can donate pumpkins to our pumpkin patch please let me know.


Library Day is this Wednesday!  We are starting library this week.  Your child will choose a book and bring it home in their library envelope. Please return by the following Wednesday so that you child may choose a new book.  Happy Reading!


On October 31 we will have a mask parade for the children only during school. We will make mask in class and have a parade for the Backpacker class. Then we will watch the Backpackers parade. Afterwards we will have a special snack together with the Backpacker class. The parade is very quick and parents need not attend. I will post picture with the next newsletter.


Just a reminder that there are no costumes or candy per school policy. If your child would like to bring in a picture of themselves in their Halloween costume we will post them on the board.



For The Next Two Weeks:

·        Art in- introduce liquid glue and scissors, making mask, painting a pumpkin still life

·        Art Out/Table- golf ball painting, tennis ball painting in a pool.

·        Art Out/Easels- white black and purple paint, oval with eyes cut out

·        Dramatic Play-photography kit

·        Science- care for apple seeds, pumpkin exploration

·        Sensory Table Out- chicken feed with test tubes, pumpkin soup, cornmeal with funnels, scoops and cans, pumpkin boats with playschool people in water.

·        Sensory Table In- black bean with jack o lanterns, lavender rice with Halloween sort

·        Blocks- monster trucks and picture blocks

·        Math- Puzzles,  chalk board

·        Outside Classroom- farmers market, pumpkin patch

·        Play dough- Halloween cookie cutters,  pumpkin seeds

·        Snack- scrubbing carrots, shucking corn



Have a great day!

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


Sandy French