MWF Purple Family October 8 - 19

MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 October 8-19

Important Dates:

·      October 12-Mixed Bag orders are due

·      October 17- Picture Day

·      October 25- Gathering after drop off

·      November 1- Picture make up Day 9:00

·      November 7- All School Chapel Food Bank Donation

·      November 12- Veteran's Day Holiday

·      November 14- Harvest Festival 12:30 at Grange

·      November 19-23-Thanksgiving Holiday

·      November 26- Touch Base Report for Parents 

What's Going on in Class:                                              

Over the past two weeks the children have been introduced to glue sticks, paint mixing, colored pencils and hole punches. They are all enjoying using the new materials. In dress-up we have added necklaces and shoes. The blocks are open and some amazing building have been made.

We had our first cooking class. We got to use a tool that peels, cores and slices the apples to make applesauce. The process was enjoyed more than the applesauce. We will continue to do cooking class once a month. This month we will make apple pie.


During family we have talked about our 5 senses. We have graphed our eye color. We tasted three different apples and graphed our favorite one. In the science area we have smell jars to smell and shaker eggs to hear different sounds. Take a look in the science area for these activities.


During snack time we have practiced pouring water to the line, opening up a napkin, counting the four squares and finding the middle of the napkin. We have scooped cheerios and pasta.


Every year we make a pumpkin patch outside for the children to explore. We need pumpkins to make this happen. The school pumpkin patch will start October 15. Please donate a pumpkin. The children love to fill the wheelbarrows and move them while balancing their heavy load.


We will put a box on the porch for pumpkin donations!


For The Next Two Weeks:

·      Art in- introduce staplers and liquid glue, color mixing red and yellow paint

·      Art Out/Table- marble painting, golf ball painting

·      Art Out/Easels- paint a leaf and a ghost

·       Dramatic Play-introduce purses and scarves

·      Science- observe apple jar experiment, care for apple seeds

·      Sensory Table Out-apple pie dough, gak and worms, eye ball soup, and chicken feed with stumps and forest animals

·      Sensory Table In- black bean with pumpkin patch then dogs and cats

·      Blocks- add cars

·      Math- Puzzles, cube building

·      Outside Classroom- farmers market, pumpkin patch

·      Play dough- bugs, eye balls and pipe cleaners

·      Snack- washing fruit, making apple pie


More in my next newsletter but just a heads up we have a costume and candy free Halloween at preschool.


Have a great day!

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


Sandy French