MWF Purple Family

MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 November 5-16

Important Dates:

·        November 7- All School Chapel Food Bank Donation

·        November 12- Veteran's Day Holiday

·        November 14- Harvest Festival 12:30 at Grange

·        November 19-23-Thanksgiving Holiday

·        November 26- Touch Base Report for Parents


What's Going On In Class:


We are starting inside as of Monday.


 The children have been introduced to scissors and liquid glue in the art area. In dress up we have added cameras and pictures. In blocks we have building signs and wood people to build with. In the science area we have an apple tree to take care of.


During family we have began to count all the name tags that are in the metal bucket, we have weighed ourselves and a pumpkin. We learned about a scale and that things are weighed in pounds. We explored the inside of a pumpkin


During snack time we have scrubbed carrots and shucked corn to prepare them to eat.


The mask parade was a success. We looked at different types of masks then painted and decorated our own masks. We got to be the audience for the Backpacker class and the backpackers were then the audience for our parade. We then enjoyed pumpkin muffins and apple juice all together outside at the picnic tables. Thank you to Michele, Emmett's mom. for making pumpkin muffins for us.


Thank you to Kelly, Charlotte's mom, for making playdough!


We will be getting ready for the Harvest Celebration for the next two weeks. We will be trying seeds that we eat, making pumpkin pie, using tortilla presses and grinding corn with mocajete's. During the Harvest Celebration we will have lunch with all the new foods we have tried during snack, use the tools we have learned to use, make a craft and decorate a pumpkin for your Thanksgiving table. The celebration will start at 12:30 with a turkey trot into the backyard. Please sign up to help when you see the sign up sheet.



For The Next Two Weeks:

·        Art in- headbands and cards

·        Art Out/Table-  finger painting and stamping to make a tablecloth, seed collage

·        Art Out/Easels- painting with corn husks and turkey feathers

·         Dramatic Play- cameras

·        Science- care for apple tree, picking kernels out of corn

·        Sensory Table Out- water and turkey basters, pumpkin moon sand, pumpkin boats with people, cornstarch and sifters then Gak

·        Sensory Table In- birdseed kitchen, leaves stumps fairies and fairy houses

·        Blocks- building signs and wood people

·        Math- Puzzles, string beads, chalk board, nuts and bolts

·        Outside Classroom- mocajetes with corn, hammering golf tees into pumpkins

·        Play dough- tortilla press and turkey feathers

·        Snack- making pumpkin pie



Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy



Sandy French