Purple Family MWF December 3-14



MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 December 3-14

Important Dates:

·                       December 5 - All School Chapel Toy Drive

·                       December 7- Parent Gathering 9:00 at the church site

·                       December 19- Christmas Program 5:30 – be at school by 5:10

·                       December 21- Pajama Day/Polar Express Day

·                       December 24-January 4- Christmas Break

·                       January 7- Teacher Work Day/No School

·                       January 9- Back to school 


What's Going On In Class:

          We are starting outside as of Monday. Please send a jacket with your child. The mornings can be very cold. If your child does not want to wear a jacket leave it in their cubby if they change their mind.


 The children have been practicing cutting at the ribbon cutting table. In dress up we have introduced and added the costumes from the nativity. In blocks we have added wood planks and bird houses to build with. For science will have planted some winter seeds (carrots and celery) in the garden and talked about composting. We will continue to take care of our seeds and add to the compost pile.


During family we have practiced tracing our names with a dry erase marker on our name tags. When the children come in, in the morning they will trace their name, erase it and then put it in the silver bucket.


During snack time we made home made tortillas with Miss Suzy and topped them with cheese for a well enjoyed snack.


Thank you to Ana, Kennedy's mom, for making play dough!




This month for All School Chapel we will be bringing a new unwrapped toy to donate.


For the next three weeks we will be getting ready for Christmas and the Christmas Program.



For The Next Two Weeks:

·                   Art in- Christmas cards, ornaments, and gifts. Nativity scene,

          poinsettia still life.

·                   Art Out/Easels- painting with pine branches, free paint

·                    Dramatic Play- nativity costumes

·                   Science- care for seeds and composting

·                   Sensory Table Out- ornament soup, hot chocolate, desert  

          animals in sand 

·                   Sensory Table In- polar bears and ice, nativity set

·                   Blocks- bird houses, wood planks

·                   Math- Puzzles, lacing cards, geo boards with rubber bands,

          sorting frogs, magnet doll

·                   Outside Classroom- firefighters

·                   Play dough- Christmas cookie cutters, pine branches

·                   Snack- tearing lettuce for salad, peeling cuties


Have a Great Week,

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


In the classroom:

Sandy French