MWF Purple Family September 10-21

Important Dates:

  • September 21-Parent Gathering 9:00
  • September 24- Mixed Bag Fund Raiser
  • October 3- All School Chapel
  • October 17- Picture Day
  • October 25- Parent Meeting 9:00

Happy Happy Birthday to Kennedy!!!

Thank you Michele for making play dough.

 What's Going On In Class:

The past two weeks have gone by fast. The children are getting settled into a routine quickly. We have met new friends and got to see some familiar faces too. We have introduced the children to all the outside areas, and they are enjoying them fully. Inside we have talked about putting away and taking care of the toys at school. We have used markers and stickers in the art area. We have trains in the block area and hair salon in the dress up area. During snack with Miss Suzy we have practiced passing napkins to the person next to you and pouring water to the line drawn on a paper cup. We enjoyed a visit from Miss Ruth who brought Kingy the California King snake to share with us. We all got a chance to touch him if we wanted to. We have learned a few new songs too, "Oh I wish I was a silly slippery snake," "Tiny Tim," "We have been waiting for you," and the "Goodbye Song."

We will continue to introduce new toys, tools and animals for the next few weeks. We will also get to know each other a little better too. We will be starting Chapel time with Chaplin Angela on Wednesday's and Music Time with Miss Tina on Friday's.

For The Next Two Weeks:

  • ·Art in- introduce water colors and paint a fish, introduce hole punches, punch holes into strips of paper.
  • Art Out/Table- Flyswatter art, shape stamps
  • Art Out/Easels- Blue and yellow paint mixing, red, blue and yellow paint mixing.
  • Dramatic Play-Hair Salon
  •  Science- Introduce the gold fish, all about me, healthy foods and exercise keep us healthy.
  • Sensory Table Out-Bubbles, Farm animals and farm with pellets, soapy water and egg beaters,
  • Sensory Table In- Water and pouring, sand with buttons, tongs and pails.
  •  Blocks- Trains and tracks, introduce the blocks
  • Math- Puzzles, counting bears, gears, birthday cake
  • Outside Classroom- Rubber roads and cars
  • Play dough- Pizza cutter, scissors
  • Snack- finding the center of the napkin, count the four squares of the napkin.


Have a great day!

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy



Sandy French