MWF Purple Family January 14-25


MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 January 14-25


Important Dates:

·                    Jan. 17 Thursday- Fun!Raiser Meeting after drop off

·                    Jan. 21 Monday- Holiday/No School

·                    Jan. 28- Feb. 1- Scholastic Book Fair

·                    Jan. 30 Wednesday- Read O Burrito Night 5:30-6:30

·                    Feb. 13 Wednesday- All School Chapel "Love"

·                    Feb. 15 Friday- Parent Meeting 9:15

·                    Feb. 18 Monday- Holiday/No School

·                    Feb. 22 Friday- Parent Teacher Conferences/No School

·                    March 1 Friday- Sweetheart Lunch for Dads 12:00

·                    March 2! Boots & Bling is our Fun!Raiser


What's Going On In Class:


We are starting inside for the month of January. Check your child's extra clothes to make sure they have cold weather close at school to change into.


 Last week we introduced discovery putty in the manipulative shelf. This is a great tool to strengthen hand muscles to get them ready to write. We will start off with a super soft putty then move up until we get to the hardest putty. We also have introduced loose parts at the science table. These are random items that the children can do as they wish with. They can build, sort, stack, count, or whatever else they can think of. We will continue to add items for the children to discover. We have looked at sequence cards during family time. These are a set of three or four cards that are put in order to make a story. During family we have counted how many children are at school. We then broke up into two groups, boys and girls to see which group had more and which group had less people in it. We will continue to count and sort different groups of items.


On Monday in the mornings the children will begin to write their name’s on a white board while looking at their name tag. We will have practiced this during family so they will be familiar with writing their names. During family we will introduce the Zoo phonics animals before we start to learn the animals name, sound and signal. There will be information on Zoo phonics in your sign in book. On Monday we will also start journals. In the beginning I will give the children an idea of what to draw in their journal then they will dictate their words or story to me and I will write it down. Later the children will draw and write about things that are important to them.


January 30 is Read O Burrito Night at the church site.  The children come in their pajamas, have a burrito and then get to listen to a story with popcorn to munch on! We will be making salsa for that evening in class to share with all the families. The Scholastic Book Fair will also be open during this time for you to purchase some great books.


***Happy Birthday to Kai and Emmett!!!***


For The Next Two Weeks:

·                    Art Out/Table-  paint with gears

·                    Art Out/Easels- Art in- Journals and free art

·                    Painting on triangles, rectangles, diamonds and hearts.

·                     Dramatic Play- Doll House

·                    Science- composting, planting sugar snap peas

·                    Sensory Table Out- gutters, water and ducks

·                    Sensory Table In- feed the tennis balls, rice, tubes and scoops

·                    Engineering- screw boards

·                    Math- patterns with unifix cubes, counting groups of like items.

·                    Literature- sequence cards, Zoo phonics

·                    Technology- office/writing center

·                    Outside Classroom- building with boxes

·                    Play dough- ice cream shop

·                    Snack- breaking broccoli



Have a Great Week,

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy

Sandy French