MWF Purple Family February 11-22

MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 February 11-22


Important Dates:

·                    Feb. 13 Wednesday- All School Chapel "Love"

·                    Feb. 15 Friday- Fun!Raiser  Meeting 9:15

·                    Feb. 18 Monday- Holiday/No School

·                    Feb. 22 Friday- Parent Teacher Conferences/No School

·                    March 1 Friday- Sweetheart Lunch for Dads 12:00

·                    March 2, Saturday – Boots and Bling It’s a Fundraiser Thing! Party     

         don’t miss it!


What's Going On In Class:


 Last week we spent some time talking about Valentines Day, love and what we can do to show love for someone. We are working on Valentine envelopes and cards to get ready for Valentines Day. Also, we have a Valentine art table to make valentines on their own.  There have been two typewriters on the back table for the children to explore. It has been a busy area for the past two weeks. Next, we will explore calculators and a sewing machine. We have also practiced using a philips and flat head screw drivers. We will use these tools when it comes time to start taking apart all the equipment we have explored.

In Zoo phonics we have learned the sound and signal to the letters A-U. We will continue on to Z. Then the picture cards up on the bulletin board will become less focused on the animal and more on the letters themselves. The children are really enjoying learning the sound and signal and are catching on quickly.

 The What's Inside Bag has been great fun! Everyone is enjoying guessing what is in the bag. During this time we practice keeping our ideas in our head and raising our hand when we have something to say. This group has a lot of ideas and loves to talk, so this has been a bit of a challenge.

We have also started jobs in the classroom. We have a line leader, a caboose (end of the line), prayer leader and an extra person just in case one person is out. We assign new people to the jobs once a week.

February 22 is Parent Teacher Conference. Please check the schedule and make changes to your time if needed.

It was great to see everyone at Read O Burrito Night. Thank you to all the parents who help out at the Book Fair! Thank you to all the parents who donated a book to the class. We have been reading all the new books everyday at story time and really like all of them!!!

Friday, March 1 is the Lunch for Dad's at 12:00. Dad's bring your lunch to the Grange and enjoy lunch with your child. We will have a special gift for you.


***Happy Birthday to Charlotte!!!***



For The Next Two Weeks:

·                     Art Out/Table-  heart collage, stuffing a heart

·                     Art Out/Easels- paint on heart shape with Valentine colors

·                     Art in- Journals,  free art, Valentine envelopes and cards, still life painting of a daffodil

·                      Dramatic Play- post office, fire fighters

·                     Science- exploring a calculator and a sewing machine

·                     Sensory Table Out- Valentine soup, Pink bubbles and whisks, sponges and water

·                     Sensory Table In- black beans and fire fighters, pellets with scoops &  cardboard cover

·                     Engineering- hammering into foam blocks

·                     Math-counting how many friends are here, how many friends are not, counting to 10

·                     Literature- Zoo phonics sound and signal, new books from the Book Fair

·                     Technology- calculator, sewing machine

·                     Outside Classroom- fire fighters

·                     Play dough- scissors and lavender

·                     Snack- friendship pizza



Have a Great Week,

Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


Sandy French