MWF Purple Family April 1-12


MWF Purple Family Newsletter

April 1-12


Important Dates:

  • April 3- Picture Make up day

  • April 8-12- Week of the Young Child

  • April 12- Beach Day at Lover's Point

  • April 15-22- Spring Break

  • April 26- Last Parent Meeting 9:00

What's Going on In Class:

            We will be starting our day outside for the month of April!!!!!

            During family we are continuing to count how many "things" are in the jar.  We will learn the song that goes with the Zoo Phonics program. We will work on number recognition with hands on games.

In the take apart center we found out what was inside a computer keyboard! Next is a coffee pot that has been a challenge to take apart and a sewing machine.

If you would like to donate a plant or two to the garden that would be great! Any vegetables or flowers would be appreciated.

We have started growing sunflower seeds in plastic bags so we can see what happens when a seed sprouts.

We will be getting ready for beach day by talking a bout the beach, what we are going to see there and the things we need to bring.


For the Next Two Weeks:

  • Art Out/Table-  paint car rolling, pine cone rolling

  • Art Out/Easels- barrel painting

  • Art in- Journals, free art, self portraits, sand art

  • Dramatic Play- Hawaii/beach kit

  • Science- take apart center with tools, sprouting sunflower seeds, working in the garden

  • Sensory Table Out- hand sifters legos and water, soil tractors rocks and logs

  • Sensory Table In- dinosaurs and sand, sea shells and sand

  • Engineering- take apart center, tinker toys

  • Math- guessing how much of something is in the jar and counting it, counting from 10 to 0,  number recognition game

  • Literature- Zoo phonics, journals

  • Technology- take apart center

  • Outside Classroom-

  • Play dough- gems and popsicle sticks


Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy


Sandy French