MWF Purple Family March 4 - 15

MWF Purple Family Newsletter

 March 4-15


Thank you for being a part of the preschool Fun!raiser – Thank you brunch Thursday March 14


Important Dates:

·      March 6 Wednesday – All School Chapel 9:00 at the church

·      March 8 Friday – Switch-A-Roo Day – both schools switch schools for a field trip day

·      March 13 Spring Picture Days after drop off 

·      14 Parent Meeting - Thank You Brunch after drop off

·      March 22 – Friday Spring Celebration Grange site 12:30 in the garden


What's Going On In Class:

 Thank you to all the Dad's and special friends that came to the Sweet Heart lunch. The children enjoyed getting ready for this fun lunch.


During family we are guessing how many "things" are in a jar and then counting them. We have guesstimated how many keys where in the bucket. Then we counted them together to see which guess was closes. I will be putting these guessing jars out on the table where the children sign their names. They can look at it in the morning and we will count them during family time.


We have explored many different types of small machines and are ready to take them apart. We will be using real tools to investigate these machines even more.


In Zoo phonics we have learned the sound and signal to the letters A-Z. We will review the sound and signals until everyone is comfortable with them.


The What's Inside Bag has been great fun! Your child will have a few more opportunities to bring the what's inside bag home before the end of the year.


All School Chapel is Wednesday 9:00


Switch a Roo day is Friday. Drop off and pick up you child at the church site. After school children will be taken back to the grange at 1:00 via the school van.


For The Next Two Weeks:

·                Art Out/Table-  lazy susan with markers/paint, squirt bottle painting

·                Art Out/Easels- small brushes and paper, painting flowers

·                Art in- Journals,  free art, cherry blossom still life

·                 Dramatic Play-  fire fighters

·                Science- take apart center with tools

·                Sensory Table Out- soapy water with hand mixers, pellets and hole

            cardboard, ghost foam, alligator swamp

·                Sensory Table In- leprechaun table, pouring table

·                Engineering- tinker toys, lincoln logs, take apart center

·                Math- guessing how much of something is in the jar and counting it

·                Literature-  Zoo phonics, journals

·                Technology- take apart center

·                Outside Classroom- rained out

·                Play dough- kitchen

·                Snack- mashing potatoes


Miss Nikki and Miss Suzy

Sandy French