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What are we doing this Sunday?

The season of Lent means that Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem. He knew it might be dangerous, but He went anyway. This week, we learn more about His journey and will be taking one of our own as we hike the Stations of the Cross up Eve's Peak.

Pre-K Children and Families: Our experienced nursery leader, Ms. Ruth, will be waiting for our youngest parishioners in the nursery, where they will find an engaging environment for music and play! Of course, our littlest ones are always welcome in the service as well. Please make sure to sign your child(ren) in and out on the new sign-in sheet!

Children's Chapel (K-4th Grade): A long time ago, in a city called Ur, a man named Abraham heard the call of the Lord to leave his city and follow God. This week, we learn how Jesus is following His own call back to a city, this time the city of Jerusalem. Thank you to Tracy Shelby, who will lead our Children's Chapel this week.

Youth Group (5th-9th Grade): During the season of Lent, we will continue to explore questions of Faith and the Bible. This week, we will explore what we wish to cultivate during the season of Lent, whether these be habits, volunteer actions, or prayer and study.

Don't forget! At 11:15, we will meet on the porch outside the Parish Hall and prepare for our hike up the mountain. Bring your hiking boots and prayer beads, and we hope to see you there!