Boundless Joy

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Contributor: Jane Day

What brings me joy is people. When I was a young woman I was very shy, very afraid to do things for quite a number of years. My neighbors got me involved in the community. Then I realized how much I love people.

I don’t care who they are. I just like them. Like this week, when we were serving lunch to those without homes, one of the Japanese boys had dyed his hair blonde – and I teased him saying, “you’re mine!” And when he left, he said, “I’ll see you, mom!”

I don’t care if people are homeless, rich, or poor. I just like them. I like the stories they have to tell. I like to see smiles on their face. That’s why I enjoy Good Shepherd. When I first came to Good Shepherd I was very down and didn't know what to do with my life - the minute I walked in on that first-day people greeted me as though I belonged here, like I was part of the family.

I grew up in a church where you just gave your neighbor in the pew a nice handshake. At Good Shepherd, we walk around, give hugs, and really talk to people. It’s so heartwarming for me, especially as I live alone now. I know my children love me, but they are busy raising their families. Here at Good Shepherd, we have also built a family. There’s no question about it. I have found great joy at the church. My children realize it too because they see it in me and this is good for all of us.

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