Freedom to Live Generously

Contributor: Ann Donaldson

Freedom to Live Generously and Abundantly is to be free to try new things.

A number of years ago, I was attending a luncheon meeting for a women’s organization. We had a dynamic speaker come in who talked to us about trying new things -actually she challenged us to try something new. For months our newsletter editor had been pleading for someone to step up and take over the newsletter.  Every time I read that plea I said to myself, “Not me, I cannot do that. I don’t know enough about computers.”  However, I kept feeling a little nudge.  Was it a silly nudge?  Was it a holy nudge?  I came home from that luncheon, talked it over with my husband, and then slept on the idea.

"Lord, can I do this?" In the morning I called the editor and agreed to come over for a training session. The job was mine! I put out those newsletters for ten years before I decided someone else needed to try something new.  I cannot say there were no frustrations and late nights, but I did it!  I was amazed.  They were beautiful. I found that I looked forward to trying to figure out how to add more pictures, more colors, more beauty.

Thank you, Lord, for being there by my side.  Thank you, Lord, for being by my side every day.

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