Moving in a Godward Path - Authentically

I am often greeted with blank shock when I imply that I am involved in the Church again. One of my dearest friends said this to me right before our college graduation: "So... you joined a cult this weekend?" 

“They’re Episcopalians, Dom. I don’t think that qualifies as a cult.”   

I think of our religious traditions as languages to speak with God, and like a poet does to their native tongue, I’ve always felt an intoxicating pull to the Christian Church. Around 2016, I started to realize that my community needed more people who would stand up and be counted as somebody with a healthy relationship to the gospel.

When I did this, I did something that I did not intend to do. As a young lesbian, I created a reputation for myself as somebody who wants to hear other young Lesbian people’s own struggles with spirituality and religion. Sometimes I am the only lesbian Christian a lot of people know, so they send their friends to me. We use every form of digital communication to ping concerns, fears, love, joy, and our own persistent hum of reverence across the planet.

When I first decided to become re-invested in this Jesus-thing again, I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that one of the ways I was supposed to be a participant in the times as they are is to spend what time and resources I have helping to create spiritual community for those who are often left out of sacred places. I’ve learned that a lot of people just want a friend who will come alongside them as a reminder that living authentically is a sacred offering unto itself.

Izabelle Everwoods
Good Shepherd Parish Administrator

COGS Office