Mission: To excel in and be a model of intergenerational worship and service to others.

Vision: When we live out our values and mission we will know Christ and we will make Christ known to the world around us.

WELCOME! We desire to know Christ and to make Christ known by loving God and serving our neighbors. Along with all Episcopal churches, we ascribe to the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed. An Episcopal outline of belief is contained in the Book of Common Prayer and can be accessed here.

Here is a place that is ancient and new, a faith that we hold going back to Jesus, back to his spiritual ancestors, back to those who walked the earth and found holy ground. And what we do is often based on really ancient patterns—worship and music; loving service to the poor, the hurting, the lonely; working for justice and peace; lively, fearless education and formation of minds and souls. And that faith is also completely contemporary, engaged in the culture and the needs of the moment.

The dignity and worth of every person. An open minded, passionate commitment to truth. The importance of everyone’s own spiritual journey. God’s friends wherever we find them. Seeking Christ in every person who comes through the door. The sacredness of life’s rites of passage. The value of community. The hard work necessary to make sure that all are welcomed. Telling the truth about life’s challenges. A “user-friendly” church experience. Children and families.

Claiming to have all the answers. Elitism and exclusivism, especially in church. Bigotry for any reason. Authoritarianism. Indifference to injustice and suffering. Certitude in the face of ambiguity and superficial answers to hard questions. Boring sermons, bad music…. (So, God help us, because we don’t always avoid them!) 

Community, open hearts, open minds, open arms. Faith. Fortitude. Staying current, but equally staying rooted in tradition. Reason and honesty. Civic responsibility as part of Salinas Valley and Monterey County, as Americans and global citizens. Debate that allows for mutual respect. Music and beauty for their own sake. Joy in God’s creation. Anyone who makes an effort to get to know and follow Jesus.  
Thanks to St. Bart’s  , adapted and adopted by Good Shepherd Vestry. 


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