Courage To Love

In this week’s Gospel, King Herod is afraid because he thinks that Jesus is John the Baptist, come to haunt him. King Herod did not like to hear the truth, and so he had John the Baptist put to death. But he could not prevent Jesus from coming. The King was a political leader, and he didn’t understand that Jesus was not an earthly King, but the Son of God.

John the Baptist spoke up and told King Herod that he was doing something wrong. It can be difficult to tell someone that they are doing the wrong thing, especially if they are strong and powerful. But also, it can sometimes be hard to stick up for our friends. As we prepare to listen to the story of King Herod and John the Baptist, think of a time this week when you may have had a hard time speaking up. How did it feel? Imagine you are trying to tell a rich and powerful person that something they are doing is not right? Can we do this by ourselves? How can our faith in Jesus give us strength to speak up when we see something is not right?

Tralee JohnsonComment