Bugs, Numbers & Creation

bugs, numbers & Creation.png

Contributed by: Rev. Linda

What do Bugs, Numbers and the Godly Play Story of Creation have in common? It turns out a lot. Tutors Bob and Peg Evans are leading an after school enrichment program for kindergartners and first graders. This spring they are teaching about the ocean and little critters and how every creature is necessary and supports the other on our planet. Storyteller Michelle Zimmerman has joined them to bring Godly Play stories into the mix. Here she tells the story of Creation, in which every Day and every plant and animal is necessary and good.  

Are you ready to take the next step in seeing what God can do through you? Please let Bob and Peg Evans or Pastor Linda know if you want to help grow the church and make a positive change in a child’s life.  

There’s training and good materials available and you don’t have to be good at math! You can contact
Bob and Peg at 415-254-7166 or
Pastor Linda at 831-595-9804.


Linda McConnell