Getting To Know You - Diana Nunez


Diana Nunez, Ed Pio and I recently had coffee at Castlerock on Hwy 68 to welcome Diana and get to know her better.

Diana was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Her family lives there still and she will be returning after her au pair contract is finished. She graduated in multi-media studies and audio-visual productions from Universidad de Latino America in Quito. During her studies, she worked for a travel agency in North Carolina, and wanted to return to the United States to work and travel.

She arrived in the Salinas area in January as an au pair to a family with two children, one of whom attends our preschool. Before coming here, her boss in Quito introduced her to Christianity and told her to be sure to find a church wherever she went. Once here, she wanted to do just that, but didn’t know where to start. Her aunt is in Sweden - and in talking with her, Diana mentioned that she was looking for a church. Her aunt went online and found Good Shepherd’s website. She said, “This is the place to go.”  Diana told her, “I know that place! That’s where I take the little one to school.” So, within two weeks of arriving, Diana came to worship with us.

On her first Sunday, she happened to sit in the pew in front of Ed. Afterwards, he commented on her beautiful shiny hair. She joined him for coffee in the parish hall and has been coming ever since.
Ed asked her what she liked about Good Shepherd and she said, “Everyone is so kind. I like it here. I want to come every Sunday. The week might be hard, but at church, I am as light as a feather. All my cares drop away.”

And when I asked her what she likes to do when she is not working, she said, “Movies!” Her family gifts her with a membership to the Movie Club. She has seen most all the movies - the most recent one being Dumbo - which she did not think much of. Her favorite animation is “How to Tame your Dragon.” If you’d like to ask her - she will go to the movies most any time she can.

We are so glad Diana found us - through her aunt in Sweden!